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The free Travel Coupons app is designed specifically for interstate travelers looking to save on hotel stays. Open along any interstate in the country and see our deals grouped by exits directly ahead of you.
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How does TravelCoupons.com offer such low prices?
We negotiate the best walk-in rates nationwide.
These are same-day hotel rates based on availability, so our prices are not always available. But when they are, our prices are the cheapest you will find anywhere.
Call ahead to ensure availability.
We do not want you wasting time driving to hotels with no availability. Please call ahead, and tell them you're calling from TravelCoupons.com. If there is no availability for our rate, be sure to ask for other available rates.
What do I do after I call?
If the hotel has availability, show them our coupon upon check-in. If the hotel has no availability, use our website, apps, or books to find other deals nearby or at exits further down the road.
The Original Red Guide
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For 34 years now, you've been able to find our Red Guide books at rest areas, welcome centers, and businesses along US highways and interstates.

While we're still printing millions of Red Guide books a year, you can now find our superior hotel rates online and in our iOS and Android apps.
The Original Red Guide
The Original Red Guide
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